"My kids now have an "I CAN DO" attitude about math....finally!"

This has been a perfect fit for our family.

The lessons are short and to the point. Our math lessons have been accomplished with a sense of satisfaction. As a result, my kids now have an "I can do it" attitude about math......finally!

Thanks for a great product!

Mary Randall
Shalimar, FL

"No More Math Tears"

We love MathOnline, We have tried almost everything with our 5 kids, and we no longer have tears when it comes to math.

Our oldest graduated last year and even though he only used MathOnline for less than two years his math improved so much that he did great on his SAT test and went right into college math and is doing great.

Teresa Schilling
East Troy, WI

"Available at Any Time"

I think MathOnline is a good online Math program that really works through Math in a very thorough way that kids can understand.

It offers something unique in the fact that it does have a lesson, and that it's readily available at any time.


"Used to Get Stressed... Not Anymore!"

I love this math program! I usually really get stressed out but this one doesn't pressure me at all! Thanks!

Alaina Joy Feliciano (3rd grade student)
Nicholasville, Kentucky

"Her confidence is soaring"

After nearly 3 years of struggling in math our struggles are over!

This was the perfect fit for my 9 year old. Her confidence is soaring and her mastery is increasing by leaps and bounds.

The online quiz/test is wonderful as well because she can see with her own eyes that SHE is truly learning her math and scoring A's.

Worth every penny!

Monica Ferrell
Ashland City, TN

"Easy to Understand Video Tutorials"

MathOnline is an amazing, online program. I really enjoy listening to the easy-to-understand video lessons and solving the math worksheet after the lesson.

I have excelled in math so much.

Thank you, MathOnline!

Lauren Ashley McGinnis (Basic Math and Pre-Algebra student)
Belton, Missouri

"Reward System is Priceless"

I have two sons, one who excels in math and one who finds math extremely challenging. My older son loves math and is very good at it, but MathOnline has helped him by showing him different ways of solving problems and presenting new concepts in a more fun, easier to understand manner.

It's helped him excel even more.

My youngest son has struggled with first grade math this year until we subscribed to MathOnline. It has made all the difference in how he sees and understands math. He's much more confident and even tries to outbest his brother on tests and certificates. The reward system is priceless and the time challenges are excellent for committing facts to memory.

It was the best investment we ever made. Thank you MathOnline!!!!

Dorothea Holcomb
Groveland, Florida

It has wonderful, explanatory videos for every skill set your kids needs.

Things are explained in different ways and NOT JUST ONE WAY because WE ARE ALL NOT THE SAME and we understand things differently!


"Math So Much Easier... Thanks Pat"

I think Pat explains math so much easier I used to hate math and think it was hard but now its easier and I like it thanks Pat!

Melody (5th Grade student)

"Huge Improvement in Math Facts Recall"

My 11-year-old is in 5th grade and loves this program. She enjoys getting her scores up to 100%.

I saw a huge improvement in her quickness with answers to her math facts which is great because she isn't the fastest out there.


"Hired Some Tutors, Didn't Help. Then We Tried MathOnline. This Works and is Cheaper Too!"

Hi! l got this program because my high school aged daughter was having difficulty with math. We hired a couple of tutors but none were able to get through to her.

As a last ditch effort, with an added bonus that MathOnline is cheaper, I decided to try it out.

This daughter, who dislikes math is actually getting it AND she likes this program (not necessarily math)! Thank you for a great program.

Janice Berger
Canton, Georgia

"Easy to Understand"

I was having a really hard time in my last math program, i just didn't understand it!

This teaching method is very straightforward and easy to comprehend, I'm doing great in math and I love it!

Caroline (Algebra I student)

"Encouraged to Strive for Excellence"

We were very happy with MathOnline: the way lessons are set up online; the way it clearly teaches and instructs the students; the way students are encouraged to strive for excellence; and the way they're rewarded when they do. We will continue to use MathOnline for many years to come!


"Helps Fill in the Gaps and Build Confidence"

The lessons are well done without being overwhelming. It has worked great to help fill in the gaps and encourage mastery in some areas. This has helped to build confidence.


"No longer intimidated by Math Thanks to Calm, Methodical Teaching"

Our daughter is a top student in all other areas, but struggles a bit in math because concepts have been taught one on top of the other over the years without mastery. She has been able to go over a few concepts that were intimidating to her and, through Pat's calm, methodical, lessons, understand what has been thrown at her at top speed in the past. So glad we tried out the program. It was such a hit at home that we bought the family subscription so the little brother could use it too!